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by ladylucky7 (ladylucky7)
at June 20th, 2006 (11:28 am)

Welcome! I thought I`d take a minute to post the general rules stated on Oprah`s Bootcamp Website.
As far as eating goes :
*Overall, eat lean protein, two fruits a day, and all the green vegetables you want.
*Keep the fat low (for salad dressing, you can use a little olive oil with lemon and garlic).
*No alcohol.
*The main rule: eliminate the white stuff—bread, pasta, potatoes, rice—as well as candy, pastry, cookies, cake. "A few people might get evil on me," Oprah says, knowingly—sugar deprivation can turn even a saint nasty!
*For the first month, stay away from whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat cereals and breads). After that, you can slowly add them back.
*The other big rule: You must stop eating three hours before bedtime. Do just this, Oprah says, and you'll lose weight.
*During the 12 weeks, you get to choose three days when you can allow yourself either alcohol (a glass of wine, maybe two; a cocktail) or some refined carbs (one piece of cake, one slice of bread, one bowl of pasta. The key word is one).

*You have eight workouts a week with one day of rest.
*Six days a week, you do 20 minutes of resistance training using dumbbells. Choose a weight that's heavy enough to tire the muscle by the 12th rep—most women begin with five to ten pounds (Oprah's using 15 pounds for the biceps and 12 for all the other moves; the rest of the team is starting with eight). If you already weight train, go through your upper-body exercises.
*Each session includes a cardio workout. Start with 30 minutes, five days a week, and on the sixth day, double the time to an hour. But here's the trick: The more comfortable a workout is, the less effective, so the aerobics are designed to constantly up the metabolic ante. Oprah and her team are using treadmills and increasing the challenge every two minutes by raising the speed, incline, or both. The idea is to continually push yourself a little further than you thought you could go, until you get to the point where you can talk but don't want to.
*Every day, take it up a notch; staying at the same level is the biggest mistake people make. Don't be afraid to jack up that incline!
*Every week, extend the aerobics sessions by two minutes (week two would be 32 minutes and 64 on the long workout). So by the end of the three months, you'll be doing almost an hour a day, and double that on the sixth session.

Come on guys & gals! Let`s do this!