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by atomickitten77 (atomickitten77)
at June 24th, 2006 (09:57 am)

Name: Heather
Current Weight: 150lbs
Goal Weight : 135lbs
Height : 5'9"

Hi! While i was pregnant from Nov 2004-July 2005 I gained 48lbs. After having the baby I dropped a significant amount and have hit my plateau, just short of 15lbs from my original weight. It`s been almost a year since I had my son and I want to get in shape for msyelf and also for him. I feel terrible most of the time. Always tired, aches and pains, and the depressed feeling i get when i try to put on some of my old clothes and the fact that my son is going to start walking any minute has motivated me.
My husband and i have resorted to fast food almost everyday for the past 4 months. That is the main reason I feel terrible.It`s just so much easier when you spend your days trying to make a baby happy. This program is going ot be hard for me because I am the Bread Queen. Everything i eat seems to have has white bread involved.
My favorite food is pizza.